Story to Write Out!

Here comes a writing prompt for you to interpret. Let the outline be your starting point and try to surprise yourself. If you feel up for it, write it as a letter.

Write about a thrill seeking person flirting with someone when luck strikes.

Please ignore what doesn’t work for you. If you enjoyed this prompt tell us what you got out of the exercise.

New Story Outline for You

Check out this creative writing prompt as a storytelling exercise. Let the outline be your starting point and continue the action from there. For an additional restraint, avoid using any dialogue.

Write about a grumpy senior facing off against an old enemy at a convention.

Please it’s supposed to be fun. Do share suggestions and tell us what you think in a comment.

Creative Prompt to Conquer

A new writing prompt meant to inspire a story. Focus on the character, situation or location and let your words flow. Additionally, include an action sequence.

Write about an under-achiever spinning tall tales at a cemetary.

Personalize it and don’t worry about whether it will turn out good. Should you feel so inclined, please do share your thoughts.