Writing Exercise to Inspire You

Here is a brand new writing prompt to seek inspiration from. Let the combination of elements guide you and let it play out as you write. Maybe write it in a lighthearted tone.

Write about a couple looking for something or someone when luck strikes.

Finally, let inspiration take you, don’t be confined by the prompt. If you like this prompt please do share your thoughts.

Creative Prompt to Conquer

Here is another creative writing prompt meant to tickle your inspiration. Let the outline be your starting point and move the story forwards from there. Furthermore, write it as a haiku.

Write about someone with ulterior motives going on a tirade in the blink of an eye.

Make it your own and this is just for fun,. If this made you want to write we’d love it if you share your thoughts in a comment.

Creative Prompt to Try!

It is time for a new writing prompt for you to sharpen your writing skills on. Build a scene in your head and go from there and don’t edit as you go. Additionally, try to write it as a poem.

Write about an unlucky person stealing something on the Internet.

But save editing for after you’re done. If you have suggestions for us, make sure you check out the WriMuse app for iOS (link in the sidebar).

New Prompt for You to Do

Check out the latest writing prompt meant to get your inspiration flowing. Build on the scene that is presented and try to hook your reader in. To give it a twist, change locations at least once.

Write about a crude person spinning tall tales in an alternate timeline.

Write it your way and don’t censor yourself when doing writing exercises. And share your story or feedback in the comments.