Story Idea to Write Out!

Check out the newest creative writing prompt to draw inspiration from. Look for a theme in the prompt and continue the action from there. To mix things up, play with the reader’s preconceptions.

Write about a practically minded person making an ultimatum in the bathroom.

Write it your way and remember there really are no rules in writing. If you like this prompt tell your friends about it too.

Story Idea to Get Inspired By

It’s time for another writing prompt for you to find the story in. Find a common thread in the prompt and examine the consequences. Also, describe only what the main character senses.

Write about a public figure who finds a strange object in a cabin deep in the woods.

Make it your own and don’t worry about impressing anyone with your writing here. If you like this prompt please share your take in the comments.

Story Prompt Posted!

Prepare yourself for a new writing prompt for you to interpret. Think of the prompt as a starting point and move the story forwards from there. As an additional twist try to write it as a poem.

Write about an old woman making a career move on a bus or train.

Remember, let your imagination run wild. If you feel inspired please leave a comment with your feedback.

Prompt Exercise to Try!

Flex your writing muscle with a story prompt for you to run with. Expand on the scene that’s presented and don’t edit as you go. Maybe include an action sequence.

Write about a young woman apologizing to someone in the blink of an eye.

Make it your own and don’t be too critical of yourself when doing an exercise. If you want, please share your take in the comments.