Creative Prompt to Pen!

Check out the latest writing prompt to train your writing on. Expand on the scene that’s presented and steer it towards a conclusion. For an additional restraint, leave it on a cliffhanger.

Write about someone tough discovering love underwater.

As always, you are only bound by the rules you set for yourself. And while we’re at it feel free to leave a comment.

Story Idea for Your Inspiration

Once again, it’s time for a writing prompt for you to try. Find a common thread in the prompt and try to surprise yourself. For extra credit, write it in third person.

Write about a grumpy senior committing a crime during a social event.

And add your own twists and turns. If you want, give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).

Creative Prompt to Pen!

A new writing prompt for you to sharpen your writing skills on. Expand on the scene that pops into your head and make it relateable. You could even write it all as a first person narrative.

Write about an easily upset person looking for something or someone in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, let the action take you where it wants to go. And while we’re at it share your take on the prompt.

Writing Experiment to Conquer

New creative writing exercise meant to train your storytelling skills. Build a story from this prompt and choose a path from there. You can write it in a lighthearted tone.

Write about a sociopath breaking a cycle or pattern during a social event.

Remember, let inspiration take you, don’t be confined by the prompt. If you want, share your take on the prompt.