Prompt Exercise to Write Out

Here is another writing prompt to sharpen your storytelling skills on. Pick one or more elements from the outline and go from there. Also, change perspective at some point.

Write about an easily upset person looking for something to eat in a strange land.

But save editing for after you’re done. Should you feel so inclined, share what you got out of this writing prompt.

Story Idea for Your Imagination

Once again, it’s time for a writing prompt as a storytelling exercise. Expand on the prompt elements and let your words flow. To make things more interesting try to write it as a poem.

Write about someone desperate to start a family taking on a quest at a public event.

Write it your way and remember the length does not matter here. And while we’re at it tell your friends about it too.

Prompt for You to Do!

Here is a brand new writing prompt for all you writers out there. Write out your take on this exercise and don’t edit as you go. To give it a twist, try to write it as a poem.

Write about someone of questionable morals facing an ultimatum in a strange land.

As always, you are only bound by the rules you set for yourself. If you like this prompt tell us what you think in a comment.

New Prompt for Your Consideration

It is time for a new writing prompt for you to find the story in. Build a scene in your head and go from there and steer it towards a conclusion. To take it a step further, write it as a letter.

Write about someone with ulterior motives taking a stand during some kind of interview.

And remember there is no wrong way to interpret a writing prompt. And while we’re at it you can also find us on twitter, as @wrimuse.