Story Idea to Complete!

Prepare yourself for a new writing prompt to draw inspiration from. Build on the prompt elements and choose a path from there. You can add a supernatural element to the story.

Write about an overly happy person trying to impress someone on a farm.

But don’t worry about genre or style. If you feel up for it tell us what you got out of the exercise.

Experiment to Flesh Out!

Welcome to a new creative writing prompt for all you writers out there. Go from where the prompt takes you and fill in the blanks. For an additional restraint, play with the reader’s preconceptions.

Write about someone with nothing to lose keeping a promise in a small city apartment.

Finally, don’t listen to the inner critic while writing. If you feel up for it tell us what you think in a comment.

Writing Exercise to Pen!

A new writing prompt as a storytelling exercise. Go from where the prompt takes you and let it play out as you write. You could even avoid using any dialogue.

Write about a ghost or spirit correcting a wrong in a mansion.

Make it your own and this is just for fun,. Should you feel so inclined, feel free to leave a comment.

Writing Exercise to Test Your Creativity

This is a writing prompt to challenge your writing skills. Expand on the scene that pops into your head and examine the consequences. As a twist, you could write it as a haiku.

Write about a young woman intimidating someone on a tight deadline.

Again, it’s all about the thought process. If you enjoyed this prompt we’d love it if you share your thoughts in a comment.