Writing Experiment to Conquer

New creative writing exercise meant to train your storytelling skills. Build a story from this prompt and choose a path from there. You can write it in a lighthearted tone.

Write about a sociopath breaking a cycle or pattern during a social event.

Remember, let inspiration take you, don’t be confined by the prompt. If you want, share your take on the prompt.

Experiment to Test Your Creativity

Once more, here is a new writing prompt for you to interpret. Build on the elements provided and try to surprise yourself. For an additional challenge, include a flashback.

Write about a greedy person playing a losing game during a meeting.

And remember there really are no rules in writing. If this made you want to write feel free to leave a comment.

Story Outline to Hone Your Skills On

Welcome to a new creative writing prompt to challenge your writing skills. Build a story from this prompt and let it play out as you write. You could even write it as a haiku.

Write about a highly ambitious person trying to impress someone in the woods.

Write it your way and don’t be too critical of yourself when doing an exercise. If this inspired you you can also find us on twitter, as @wrimuse.

Prompt Exercise to Flesh Out

Welcome to a new creative writing prompt for you to try. Pick one or more elements from the outline and steer it towards a conclusion. To add a twist, write it as a letter.

Write about a workplace boss getting in an accident in a small city apartment.

And this is just for fun,. If you feel up for it give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).