Story Outline to Get Inspired By

Prepare yourself for a new writing prompt to challenge your writing skills. Pick one or more elements from the outline and try to hook your reader in. You could also change locations at least once.

Write about someone desperate to start a family trying to impress someone during a meeting.

As always, it’s all about the thought process. If you enjoyed this prompt give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).

New Prompt for You!

Once more, here is a new writing prompt to dive into. Build a story from this prompt and continue the action from there. As a twist, you could avoid using any adjectives.

Write about a pessimistic person being the victim of a crime in a cell.

Personalize it and don’t worry about whether it will turn out good. If you dare, please do share your thoughts.

Story Prompt to Tackle!

It is time for a new writing prompt to get your inspiration flowing.. Expand on the prompt elements and examine the consequences. Maybe describe only what the main character senses.

Write about a coward confessing to something while on the road.

Write it your way and just use whatever works for you in the prompt. If you enjoyed this prompt tell your friends about it too.

Creative Writing Prompt for Your Inspiration

Here is a brand new writing prompt for you to run with. Expand on the scene that pops into your head and don’t edit as you go. You could even leave it on a cliffhanger.

Write about a sociopath being forced to improvise in a foreign city.

Please don’t listen to the inner critic while writing. If you enjoy this kind of thing tell us what you think in a comment.