Prompt to Pen!

It’s time for another writing prompt to draw inspiration from. Expand on the story outlined below and steer it towards a conclusion. You could also try to write it as a poem.

Write about an animal spinning tall tales during a meeting.

But remember the length does not matter here. If you like this prompt tell your friends about it too.

Story Idea to Tackle!

Check out this creative writing prompt to turn into a story. Find a focus point in the prompt and add details to flesh it out. Do introduce an important prop into the scene.

Write about someone desperate to start a family hiding on the Internet.

As always, don’t worry about whether it will turn out good. Should you feel so inclined, share what you got out of this writing prompt.

New Writing Prompt Available

A new writing prompt for you to base a story on. Find a common thread in the prompt and make it relateable. Also, avoid using any dialogue.

Write about a hopeless dreamer getting in an accident after much careful planning.

Personalize it and you are only bound by the rules you set for yourself. And while we’re at it you can also find us on twitter, as @wrimuse.

Exercise to Conquer!

This is a writing prompt to seek inspiration from. Focus on the character, situation or location and fill in the blanks. You could also switch between characters.

Write about a middeaged man trying to sell something in a foreign city.

As always, let the action take you where it wants to go. If you feel up for it give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).