Story Prompt for You!

Here is another writing prompt meant to tickle your inspiration. Think of the prompt as a starting point and keep asking what happens next. Maybe make it into a dream sequence.

Write about a genius taking a leap of faith as the world is ending.

Write it your way and don’t worry about impressing anyone with your writing here. And while we’re at it tell your friends about it too.

Creative Writing Prompt to Inspire You

I am happy to share a new writing prompt for you to base a story on. Find a common thread in the prompt and choose a path from there. You could even include a flashback.

Write about a couple looking for revenge during some kind of interview.

Make it your own and keep in mind that it’s all about experimenting. And tell us what you think in a comment.

Writing Experiment to Complete

Come get a fresh, new writing prompt to train your writing on. Let the provided outline be a guide and add details to flesh it out. Additionally, describe only what the main character senses.

Write about someone you know taking on a quest while at work.

Make it your own and save editing for after you’re done. If this made you want to write please leave a comment with your feedback.

Story Idea to Write Out!

Here is a new story prompt for you to run with. Start with what the prompt gives you and keep asking what happens next. To take it a step further, introduce an important prop into the scene.

Write about an unlucky person committing a crime in the middle of nowhere.

Make it your own and don’t overthink it, just write. If you feel up for it feel free to leave a comment.