Fiction Prompt for Your Imagination

Once again, it’s time for a writing prompt to get your inspiration flowing.. Go from where the prompt takes you and choose a path from there. As an additional twist write it as a movie script.

Write about a collector of something fixing something somewhere underground.

And add your own twists and turns. If this inspired you give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).

Prompt for You to Do!

Here is a new story prompt to train your writing on. Expand on the scene that’s presented and see where it takes you. For extra credit, write it as a movie script.

Write about a well-meaning person getting in a fight with someone innocent in tow.

But don’t be too critical of yourself when doing an exercise. If you enjoyed this prompt please do share your thoughts.

Writing Prompt Posted!

I am happy to share a new writing prompt for you to find the story in. Build on the elements provided and make it relateable. If you feel like it, write it as a letter.

Write about an intuitive person giving the speech of a lifetime in a strange land.

Finally, you are only bound by the rules you set for yourself. If you like this prompt please share your take in the comments.

New Story to Inspire You

Get creative with a story prompt to draw inspiration from. Write out your take on this exercise and examine the consequences. Maybe turn a stereotype upside down.

Write about an intoxicated person going on a tirade on a sidewalk.

Remember, keep in mind that it’s all about experimenting. And while we’re at it please share your take in the comments.