New Experiment for Your Imagination

Time for a brand new creative writing exercise meant to tickle your inspiration. Expand on the prompt elements and let the action unfold naturally. Furthermore, leave it on a cliffhanger.

Write about a ghost or spirit going on a tirade at a tourist attraction.

And let inspiration take you, don’t be confined by the prompt. And give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).

Story Outline to Attempt

Here is a brand new writing prompt meant to get your inspiration flowing. Pick what appeals to you the most in the prompt and make it relateable. As a twist, you could write it as song lyrics.

Write about a thrill seeking person breaking a promise underwater.

Finally, remember there really are no rules in writing. If this made you want to write you can also find us on twitter, as @wrimuse.

Writing Prompt to Flesh Out

This is a writing prompt to draw inspiration from. Expand on the scene that’s presented and see where it takes you. As an additional twist write it in a lighthearted tone.

Write about a young woman making a mistake during a performance of some sort.

Write it your way and just use whatever works for you in the prompt. If you like this prompt share your story or feedback in the comments.

New Exercise Posted!

A new writing prompt to strengthen your writing skills on. Expand on the scene that’s presented and write it out. To mix things up, avoid using any dialogue.

Write about an intuitive person spinning tall tales on a tight deadline.

But add your own twists and turns. If you like this prompt share what you got out of this writing prompt.