Story for Your Imagination

Here comes a writing prompt to strengthen your writing skills on. Write out your take on this exercise and let it play out as you write. If you feel up for it, write it as a haiku.

Write about someone with nothing to lose committing a crime on a beach.

As always, save editing for after you’re done. If this made you want to write share your story or feedback in the comments.

New Fiction Prompt to Complete

Once more, here is a new writing prompt to sharpen your storytelling skills on. Find your focus in the character or situation and go from there. Additionally, include a flashback.

Write about a greedy person experiencing death underwater.

And write freely, and don’t worry about editing. If you feel up for it tell us what you think in a comment.

New Fiction Prompt for Your Imagination

Flex your writing muscle with a story prompt meant to inspire a story. Build on the prompt elements and fill in the blanks. You could even write it as a letter.

Write about an eternal optimist witnessing a crime on a farm.

Remember, remember there is no wrong way to interpret a writing prompt. And while we’re at it tell your friends about it too.

New Experiment to Hone Your Skills On

Here is a new story prompt for you to sharpen your writing skills on. Build a story from this prompt and examine the character’s motivation. If you feel up for it, leave it on a cliffhanger.

Write about someone with ulterior motives getting in an accident in a place of worship.

Remember, don’t censor yourself when doing writing exercises. If you feel up for it tell us what you think in a comment.