New Story Prompt for Your Inspiration

Time for a brand new creative writing exercise for all you writers out there. Find your focus in the character or situation and just keep writing. Maybe write it as a haiku.

Write about someone with nothing to lose looking for justice at a tourist attraction.

Remember, remember the length does not matter here. If you enjoy this kind of thing share what you got out of this writing prompt.

Writing Exercise to Flesh Out

Flex your writing muscle with a story prompt to get inspired by. Write out your take on this exercise and add details to flesh it out. You can write it as a haiku.

Write about a couple trying to do their job when luck strikes.

And add your own twists and turns. If this inspired you tell us what you think in a comment.

Writing Experiment to Conquer

Get creative with a story prompt to strengthen your writing skills on. Expand on the story outlined below and write it out. You could even make it into a dream sequence.

Write about a grumpy senior looking for something to eat in an alley.

As always, don’t worry about genre or style. If you thought this was interesting, share your story or feedback in the comments.

Story Prompt for Your Imagination

It’s time for another writing prompt for you to expand on. Find your focus in the character or situation and see where it takes you. If you feel like it, try switching narrator half-way through.

Write about a polite person facing off against an old enemy in an alley.

Write it your way and just use whatever works for you in the prompt. Should you feel so inclined, feel free to leave a comment.