Writing Exercise to Try!

Come get a fresh, new writing prompt to get your inspiration flowing.. Build a story from this prompt and go from there. Additionally, avoid using any dialogue.

Write about an old woman fighting for survival while on the road.

Finally, don’t worry about genre or style. If you thought this was interesting, share your take on the prompt.

Writing Prompt to Conquer

Once again, it’s time for a writing prompt to draw inspiration from. Focus on the character, situation or location and go from there. If you feel up for it, write it in third person.

Write about someone with ulterior motives intimidating someone during a meeting.

Make it your own and don’t worry about impressing anyone with your writing here. If you like this prompt please do share your thoughts.

New Writing Experiment to Write Out

It is time for a new writing prompt to draw inspiration from. Find a focus point in the prompt and go from there. Furthermore, leave it on a cliffhanger.

Write about an intuitive person pondering a mystery at a convention.

Please don’t be too critical of yourself when doing an exercise. If you enjoyed this prompt share your story or feedback in the comments.

New Exercise to Write Out

Flex your writing muscle with a story prompt for you to try. Let free association guide you and add details to flesh it out. To give it a twist, include an action sequence.

Write about someone fearful making a new friend before time runs out.

Remember, it’s all about the thought process. If this made you want to write share your story or feedback in the comments.