Experiment Available!

I am happy to share a new writing prompt for you to try. Decipher the elements provided and go from there. Furthermore, write it as a haiku.

Write about a deeply religious person keeping a promise somewhere underground.

Remember, let the action take you where it wants to go. If you want, tell us what you got out of the exercise.

Story Prompt to Write Out

Here is another creative writing prompt for you to sharpen your writing skills on. Let the combination of elements guide you and write it out. Also, write it all as a first person narrative.

Write about a pessimistic person trying to sell something on a beach.

Personalize it and remember there is no wrong way to interpret a writing prompt. Do share suggestions and feel free to leave a comment.

Writing Prompt Available

It’s time for a fresh writing prompt to seek inspiration from. Pick one or more elements from the outline and let the action unfold naturally. Furthermore, write it in third person.

Write about a mentally unstable person trying to impress someone on a bus or train.

Personalize it and remember the length does not matter here. If this made you want to write you can also find us on twitter, as @wrimuse.