What is WriMuse?

  • WriMuse combines random elements to generate creative writing prompts.
  • WriMuse is a meant to inspire and motivate writers.
  • WriMuse is designed to help writers think up connections between story elements.
  • WriMuse is a labor of love.

Wrimuse Studio

Currently in development, Wrimuse Studio is a Windows app that lets you generate writing prompts, write them, and store them in a built-in library. You can also export your favorites, in case you want to keep working on them. For more about Wrimuse Studio, check out the sneak peek video below.

Back story

Years ago, I took a six-month intensive writing class. Full time studying of things like story structure, critique (both giving and receiving), storytelling techniques and so on. One of my favorite things were the short, daily exercises, meant to get the creative juices going. Typically, they would entail some provided source of inspiration, such as a post card or other form of prompt, and instructions to write continuously for 15 minutes. Afterwards, we were allowed just a few minutes to make minor edits, before we would read them to each other.

When the class ended, I missed these exercises, and that is where the first iteration of WriMuse was made. The first version was a PC-only bit of software, that I clobbered together using tutorials, time and pulling of hair. What it did was combine three random elements into a single writing prompt. The exercise then being to combine these random elements in a way that makes sense. The original app is hopelessly outdated and long archived.

The second generation of WriMuse was a mobile app and online service. You can still find daily writing prompts on Twitter and more are posted on the blog twice a week, but the mobile app is not currently supported. There are rumors that a new iteration may appear in the future, but in the meantime, focus has returned to desktop with Wrimuse Studio (see above).

I hope Wrimuse inspires you! Comments and suggestions are always welcome, shares and likes always appreciated.

Keep writing.