Story for Your Inspiration

Get creative with a story prompt to seek inspiration from. Look for a theme in the prompt and add details to flesh it out. For an additional restraint, try switching narrator half-way through.

Write about an old man being chased at a cafe.

And ignore what doesn’t work for you. If you feel up for it please share your take in the comments.

New Creative Writing Prompt for Your Consideration

Prepare yourself for a new writing prompt to sharpen your storytelling skills on. Expand on the scene that’s presented and just keep writing. Do avoid using any dialogue.

Write about a workplace boss hatching a plan while vacationing.

And remember there really are no rules in writing. If you thought this was interesting, tell us what you think in a comment.

Prompt for Your Consideration

Here is another creative writing prompt meant to tickle your inspiration. Write out your take on this exercise and let the action unfold naturally. If you feel up for it, change perspective at some point.

Write about a polite person being the victim of a crime on a beach.

Make it your own and remember there really are no rules in writing. If you dare, give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).

New Exercise to Tackle!

Here comes a writing prompt meant to inspire a story. Expand on the scene that pops into your head and make it relateable. You could also play with the reader’s preconceptions.

Write about a crude person trying to hide something at a funeral.

Write it your way and keep in mind that it’s all about experimenting. If this made you want to write we’d love it if you share your thoughts in a comment.