Experiment to Flesh Out!

Here is a new writing prompt as a storytelling exercise. Go from where the prompt takes you and examine the consequences. To make things more interesting write it as a haiku.

Write about an old woman playing a losing game in the most unlikely place imaginable.

Please it’s all about the thought process. If you enjoy this kind of thing feel free to leave a comment.

New Prompt Exercise for Your Consideration

Here is another writing prompt to dive into. Build on the scene that is presented and let your words flow. To make things more interesting play with the reader’s preconceptions.

Write about a practically minded person looking for revenge in a restaurant.

And don’t censor yourself when doing writing exercises. If you want, tell us what you think in a comment.

Writing Experiment to Tackle

Once again, it’s time for a writing prompt to be interpreted by you. Think of the prompt as a starting point and try to relate to it. As a twist, you could leave the reader guessing at the end.

Write about someone of considerable influence witnessing a crime on a ship.

And let inspiration take you, don’t be confined by the prompt. If you thought this was interesting, share your take on the prompt.

Writing Experiment to Attempt

Welcome to a new creative writing prompt to get your inspiration flowing.. Let the outline be your starting point and consider what happens next. To give it a twist, write it in third person.

Write about a young woman stealing something in the wilderness.

Make it your own and just use whatever works for you in the prompt. If you enjoy this kind of thing tell us what you got out of the exercise.