Wrimuse Studio is Coming

I am happy to share a bit more information about the work-in-progress that is Wrimuse Studio. Put succinctly, it is a desktop app that lets you generate, write, save and export writing exercises. It all comes back to the name and goal of being a writer’s muse.

Wrimuse Studio will be for Windows in its first release. It is currently in alpha testing, while the algorithms are being tweaked, more data is added, and a few non-prompt generators are included as well.

At the time of writing, Wrimuse Studio is fully capable of generating 4 different types of writing prompt: the “full prompt” presents you with a character perfoming an action in a specific location, and asks that you build on that setup. The “keyword” prompt gives you 3 keywords, that should be the focus for your writing, the “photo prompt” shows a photograph with a 2-word caption, and finally, the “essay prompt” suggests a debatable topic to write about.

Besides the writing prompts, the character generator is also working, and can help inspire or challenge your writing by adding a new character for your story.

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of Wrimuse Studio. If you want to be notified about the release and major updates to this, you can join the email list