Experiment for You!

I am happy to share a new writing prompt meant to train your storytelling skills. Build on the prompt elements and steer it towards a conclusion. To make things more interesting write it as a movie script.

Write about a public figure looking for clues to a mystery at a resort.

As always, it’s supposed to be fun. If you feel up for it tell us what you got out of the exercise.

New Prompt Exercise to Flesh Out

Here is a fresh creative writing prompt to strengthen your writing skills on. Find a common thread in the prompt and fill in the blanks. You could also write it all as a first person narrative.

Write about an investigator looking for clues to a mystery during a natural disaster.

Please keep in mind that it’s all about experimenting. If you thought this was interesting, we’d love it if you share your thoughts in a comment.

Prompt to Inspire You!

Here is another writing prompt to be interpreted by you. Find a focus point in the prompt and try to surprise yourself. To mix things up, write it as a letter.

Write about someone who is always trying to fix things, fixing something in the blink of an eye.

And don’t worry about impressing anyone with your writing here. If you enjoy this kind of thing share your take on the prompt.

New Writing Exercise to Test Your Creativity

Here is another creative writing prompt to seek inspiration from. Let free association guide you and continue the action from there. Additionally, use an all knowing narrator.

Write about a mentally unstable person taking a leap of faith at a public event.

Make it your own and write freely, and don’t worry about editing. Do share suggestions and please leave a comment with your feedback.