Story Idea to Test Your Creativity

Flex your writing muscle with a story prompt for you to interpret. Pick one or more elements from the outline and see where it takes you. As an additional twist try to write it as a poem.

Write about an old woman flirting with someone when luck strikes.

Please save editing for after you’re done. If you like this prompt give us a shoutout here or on twitter (@wrimuse).

Writing Exercise for You to Do

Check out this creative writing prompt to sharpen your storytelling skills on. Find a common thread in the prompt and try to twist it a bit. If you feel up for it, include a flashback.

Write about a highly ambitious person fixing something underwater.

And it’s supposed to be fun. If this inspired you please leave a comment with your feedback.

Exercise to Tackle!

Here is a brand new writing prompt to seek inspiration from. Pick the first scene that comes to mind and don’t edit as you go. You could even avoid using any dialogue.

Write about a do-gooder being the victim of a crime in a cell.

Again, don’t worry about impressing anyone with your writing here. And while we’re at it tell your friends about it too.

Experiment to Combat Writer’s Block

Get creative with a story prompt meant to tickle your inspiration. Expand on the prompt elements and try to surprise yourself. You could even switch between characters.

Write about a pessimistic person discovering love in the middle of nowhere.

Again, let inspiration take you, don’t be confined by the prompt. If this made you want to write tell your friends about it too.